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It’s time to take a look at the most crucial picks and bans that we might see throughout the competition, as Esports Meta League of Legends Worlds is right around the horizon, and the teams are getting ready to compete in the largest tournament of the season. As the confirmed modifications won’t be published until the 21st of September, we will be basing our decisions on the patch preview that Riot has already made available on the PBE.

Esports Meta

Let’s not waste any more time and get right down to business, shall we?


Patch 12.18 will be the version of the game that is used throughout the entirety of Esports Meta Worlds 2022. It will not be like MSI, in which they used two different patches for the various stages of the game. In addition, because his rework was introduced much later than what the rules permitted, Udyr will have his abilities completely removed from play.

Esports Meta

With this in mind, we are going to go over some of the most significant changes that will be implemented in the upcoming patch and make some predictions about which champions, for each role, will become more important as Worlds 2022 progresses. The most recent competitive patch, version 12.15, used by the major regions will serve as the primary basis for the compilation of the statistics (LCK, LEC, LCS and LPL).

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Following a number of years during which champion pools were severely limited, the top lane meta for this year is probably in the best shape that it could possibly be in.

Esports Meta

We have seen a wide variety of picks across the regions, with tanks, bruisers, and carries all being played at some point or another. OKBet Esport Meta Having said that, there are always those go-to options for the top lane champions, and they don’t appear to be leaving any time in the near future.

In situations where a front line is required OKBet Esports meta , the champions Ornn (55% pick or ban rate, also known as presence) and Sejuani (36% presence) have proven to be popular choices, with Sion and Gragas serving as fallback options. The most common answers to these champions are Aatrox (48& presence) and Gnar (37 picks, 34% presence), with Gwen also being a viable pick. Aatrox has the highest top-lane pick rate, while Gnar has the highest overall pick rate. Renekton had the highest presence rate among all top laners (68%) prior to the 12.17 patch, but it is likely that this will no longer be the case.

We anticipate that Kennen, Jax, and Fiora will be chosen at Worlds Esports meta as well because they were the most popular champions in the East region. In a broader sense, the west is known for its ability to scale and bring utility to the team, whereas the LCK and LPL are known for their ability to put top laners on carry champions more frequently. I believe that the picks and bans for the League of Legends world championship will be very similar to those of the previous patches, with the exception of Camille and Maokai. Camille recently received a buff that could push her higher in the rankings, and Maokai was also well received, so I wonder if teams will choose to play him.

The OKBet Esports Meta JUNGLE: Will Hecarim and Lee Sin Compete in the World Championships in 2022?

For the Worlds patch OKBet Esports Meta, the Jungle meta has undergone significant changes. Riot boosted Hecarim once more in 12.17, taking him from useless to OP territory. They intend to nerf him slightly in 12.18, but he will almost certainly return as a pick or ban champion. Riot pushed Lee Sin alongside him, making him durable in the later stages. The blind monk is a popular choice in the east, so expect him to have a higher presence (currently 7%).

Esports Meta

After the summer splits, Trundle (72% presence) and Wukong (77% presence) were nerfed, with the first receiving a significant nerf on his W. It was the best jungle pick for me because it countered all of the meta champions, but he will likely become a situational pick against team compositions with multiple tanks/frontliners. Wukong’s nerf was smaller, but I still expect him to be chosen. Despite having the highest pick or ban rate, Poppy received the best treatment, with only one nerf. Yordle will be on Summoners’ Rift as long as dash champions are meta. In terms of the rest, I anticipate seeing Xin Zhao, Vi, Jarvan IV, and Viego: they are the evergreen champions because they can fit into almost any team composition.

Another champion I’m drawn to is Nocturne: Riot boosted him in the most recent patch, and he also has the advantage of being flexed in mid lane. It’s highly situational, but given the importance of roams in the early-to-mid game, Nocturne could be the surprise pick for upsets.


In the most recent patches, Riot made balance changes to Zeri, Sivir, and Kalista, in addition to nerfing the Lucian-Nami combination. The four champions were the most picked or banned for the entirety of the playoffs, with Zeri reaching an absurdly high 89% pick or ban percentage. (Kalista had an 81% win percentage, Sivir had 69%, and Lucian had 59%)

Although we have not yet witnessed the effects of those changes in competitive situations, the broad consensus is that all of them have been severely affected. As a direct consequence of this, new choices are becoming increasingly prioritized, and one of these is Miss Fortune. She was given a bump in patch 12.17, and despite the changes that are likely to be implemented in the patch before Worlds OKBet Esports Meta, she should still be considered a power choice.

Because the metagame is moving more toward bully lanes and poke lanes, Kalista will suffer more as a result of the impending nerf that will be implemented in the next patch. Things don’t look good for her.

Esports Meta

In addition to her, Draven and Twitch have been two relevant picks and are likely to remain among the top picks in the future. As a result of Draven’s overwhelming popularity in the LPL and among certain teams in other leagues and regions of the world, it is conceivable that other teams may select him as well.

Caitlyn will dominate the LoL Worlds odds and become the most picked champion in Play-Ins, according to my forecast. The upgrades that Caitlyn has received have also helped to put her back in the competition, and she will excel with siege compositions. We have witnessed Rogue select her twice now, both times during the LEC playoffs. It will be a very different meta from what we have seen in the bot lane during the entirety of this season: each team will bring their own beliefs to Worlds, which will offer even more complexity and excitement to the competition.


No is the correct response for OKbET Lol Esports Meta, to get right down to business here. In patch 12.18, Lulu will be tagged due to her 69% presence, however the majority of enchanters will still have a lot of power.

As a result of the buffs that were given to Janna, her play rate has increased, and Soraka has achieved a great deal of success. In addition to Janna and Soraka, the most likely candidates to be chosen are Seraphine, Yuumi, and Bard. Yuumi is going to be the most picked out of the three options because she was already popular in playoffs (85% pick or ban). This will make her the most desirable pick.

Both enchanters and engagers will have several viable alternatives to choose from, contributing to the considerable amount of diversity that will be present in the champion pool for OKBet Esports Meta. When we talk about engagers, Amumu may be useful in the appropriate circumstances, and the same can be said about Rell, who got some nice buffs in the most recent patch. Nautilus will continue to be viable as he has been throughout the entire season, and the buff that Thresh received could put him on the radar of certain teams.

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