MPLI Meta Heroes 2022 | These heroes will dominate and rule the MPLI


MPLI Meta Heroes

These heroes will almost certainly rule the MPLI Meta Heroes 2022. The ability to master the meta is essential. The OKBET Esports Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational 2022 (MPLI 2022) is quickly approaching. From November 2 to 6, 20 teams from Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore will compete to decide which MPL squad is the finest in Southeast Asia.

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MPLI Meta Heroes 2022 is shaping up to be an exciting event, with a plethora of unique ideas defining the previous MPL season. There’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to what these teams have in store for MPLI Meta Heroes 2022, from Blacklist International pulling off a Valentina jungle to ONIC Esports winning the grand final courtesy to an off-meta Lesley choice.

Here are three tactics that will almost certainly influence tomorrow’s meta.

Three techniques that will determine the MPLI 2022 meta

The UBE approach is still alive and well

The UBE strategy from MPLI Meta Heroes, which stands for ultimate bonding experience, has been around for more than a year and is still regarded as one of the most successful methods in competitive Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The approach, pioneered by Blacklist International in Season 8, includes teaming one or two support heroes with a fighter or tank jungler.

MPLI Meta Heroes

Whether the squad is launching a team battle, escaping, or chasing down foes, the UBE approach requires them to stay near to each other at all times. With the tactic still being frequently employed in MPL ID and MPL PH in Season 10, there’s a good likelihood that MPLI 2022 teams may depend on it as well.

Tank junglers are just too powerful to ignore

Tank junglers first appeared in patch 1.6.08, when the Retribution combat spell was improved to do more damage dependent on the hero’s maximum HP. A year later, the tank jungler meta still reigns supreme in competitive play, and the balance changes in patch 1.7.20 a week ago may have simply reinforced this specific paradigm. The single item boosted in the patch was the Cursed Helmet.

MPLI Meta Heroes

The item’s passive has been upgraded and now delivers more damage every level on minions and creeps, making it a must-have item for all tank heroes in the jungle. This modification may encourage more jungle players to try out the Land of Dawn’s juggernauts.

It’s debatable if we’ll see additional tank heroes besides Akai, Balmond, and Karina at MPLI Meta Heroes 2022, but one thing is certain: tank junglers will arrive.

The emergence of hyper-carry marksmen heroes

Step aside, Brody and Beatrix: fresh marksman heroes are on their way to MPLI. Even after a major overhaul at patch 1.7.20, Lesley was still seldom used in competitive play. It wasn’t until ONIC Esports’ Calvin “CW” Winata trapped her in the MPL ID grand final and pulled off a Maniac to seal the title that everyone realized how powerful hyper carriers can be in professional play.

MPLI Meta Heroes

Hyper carriers are heroes that are poor in the early game but become powerful in the late game after completing their core items. Heroes like Claude, Melissa, and Lesley are classified as hyper carriers since they are item dependant, only coming into their own after constructing one or two core items.

Most, if not all, of these heroes are expected to be picked up during MPLI 2022.