OKBET Guild Esports | After being detected exploiting a bug exploit, Guild Esports was kicked out of First Strike at OKBET Valorant 2022

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The Valorant First Strike on OKBET Guild Esports: Europe playoffs were forfeited by the UK-based esports group supported by David Beckham because they used an exploit in their match versus G2 Esports at OKBET Valorant.

Guild exploited a “illegal boost” on Ascent during their qualification match versus G2 by putting Sage’s wall on top of a Killjoy turret at the B site. Using this height elevation, players could see into B hall, allowing them to identify and kill the other squad before they reached B.

Due to the uproar, Guild was forced to withdraw from the tournament. They had already won the game and were set to face Ninjas in Pajamas (NiP) in the playoffs when the exploit was discovered. They were given a defeat once the glitch was discovered, and G2 went on to face NiP.

OKBET Guild Esports


Both OKBET Guild Esports and Riot Games issued remarks in response to the contentious decision. Riot said on Twitter that exploits are illegal in professional competition and that Guild has lost its victory as a consequence at OKBET Valorant.

“Exploits are forbidden under Rule 7.2.6 of the Global Competition Policy, and as such, Guild has been penalized.”

In reaction to Riot Games’ announcement, OKBET Guild Esports issued its own:

“The team is heartbroken by this decision, and we think we used our expertise in an innovative way that was authorized.” We would want to suggest that now that this approach has been found as an inadvertent vulnerability, it be informed to all teams and removed from the game.”

This is a major setback for OKBET Guild Esports. They just signed the all-Swedish OKBET Valorant squad Bonk, as we previously reported. It’s disappointing to be disqualified so early in their Guild career when the organization promised to “train and help them to become global champions.”

This is the first time a team has been disqualified from an official tournament in the brief history of OKBET Valorant esports. Despite this preliminary disqualification, Riot has announced that Guild will participate in the next round of qualifications. They have a chance to compete in the First Strike event.

OKBET Guild Esports

What can they discover?

Because of the ambiguous rule set at OKBET Guild Esports, some saw this strike as a problematic decision. I don’t think Guild was willfully breaking the terms of the competition; rather, it seems that they were truly unsure of what methods they might use. While this is not as bad as the current spectator bug controversy in the CS:GO arena, Riot Games would be wise to consider the rigorous anti-cheat procedures used by tournament organizer BLAST. This latest scandal in OKBET Valorant may have been averted if a strict and devoted anti-cheat and exploit mechanism had been in place.

This will have an impact on the OKBET esports betting odds for the First Strike event. Guild was favored to defeat G2 and would have won if not for the disqualification. There will be some doubt now that G2 has advanced to the tournament and defeated NiP.

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OKBET Guild Esports

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OKBET Guild Esports