OKBet MEL premiership S3 | Despicable fight Prediction and Analysis

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With the VCT 2022 season in North America officially over, all eyes are on third-party tournaments. Teams that did not compete in the main tournaments want to participate in these events in order to have a good preparation process and be ready for 2023. Here is the schedule and predictions for the OKBet MEL Premiership S3 event, which will feature teams like TSM and Cloud9.

OKBet MEL premiership

OKBet MEL Premiership: Cloud9 vs. Nearest Airport

OKBet MEL Premiership Cloud9 experienced numerous setbacks during the 2022 VALORANT season. Despite being one of the league’s best teams at VCT 2022 North America Stage 1, they were eliminated in the playoffs and missed their first Masters tournament. Then they performed poorly in Stage 2, which was unexpected of them. Finally, they failed to capitalize on their final chance at the Last Chance Qualifier, and the VCT 2022 season ended with no global tournament qualification.

OKBet MEL premiership

C9 must make amends for back-to-back poor results, and there is no better place to do so than the MEL Premiership S3. Nearest Airport has some well-known names on their roster and has established itself in the Tier 2 scene. C9, on the other hand, should win this match.

OKBet MEL Premiership: TSM Academy vs. TSM

A match reminiscent of the famous Spiderman meme awaits us. TSM’s main VALORANT roster will face their promising academy team. TSM’s VALORANT Champions Tour seasons have been a complete disaster after dominating the early stages of VALORANT.

OKBet MEL premiership

They have not only failed to qualify for any international tournaments in the last two years, but they have also fallen behind and lost battles within North America. OKBet MEL Premiership TSM changed their roster in mid-2022 and attempted to prepare for the 2023 season by participating in third-party tournaments. As a result, I don’t believe TSM will have too much trouble against the academy team.

OKBet MEL Premiership Zero: MarksMen Black vs. Oxygen Academy

Oxygen Academy, which was founded in early 2022, participated in Tier 2-3 tournaments earlier this year and achieved the desired results. In regularly organized tournaments such as Knights Gauntlet 2022 Weekly and NSG Summer Championship, they managed to take back-to-back third places and a few first places. However, they have recently been on the decline as well.

OKBet MEL premiership

Men with 0 points After June, Black took on a completely new persona. OKBet MEL Premiership The team, which includes players who have made their names in the North America Tier 1 scene such as bjor, boi, Critical, and pho, has only been playing together for a short time, but they are still very ambitious. In terms of experience and individual talent, they are one step ahead of their opponents.

OKBet MEL Premiership: Soniqs vs. City Boys

You may not be familiar with the term City Boys. But when I tell you they’re the former Akrew roster, you’ll recognize them. Akrew announced in July that they would cease all operations due to the partnership system that will be in place for the VCT 2023 season. With this announcement, the team was left without an organization and began competing in other tournaments as City Boys.

OKBet MEL premiership

In the VCT seasons, we haven’t seen much of Akrew. Despite encountering numerous challenges during the qualifiers, the squad managed to defeat many of the region’s top teams. OKBet MEL premiership betting. They are currently looking for a new organization, so winning tournaments like this is extremely beneficial to them.

OKBet MEL premiership : Case Esports vs. EXCEL

The Spanish league champions Case Esports and Northern Europe champions EXCEL will kick off the VALORANT Regional Leagues 2022 Finals. When comparing the two teams, we can see that EXCEL dominates their league, but this can have two different effects.

OKBet MEL premiership

EXCEL, who have never experienced being completely outmatched, may struggle against Case. The Spanish league is made up of teams comprised of talented players. OKBet MEL premiership betting Given this, we can conclude that Case won the championship in a much more difficult manner. You can use your preference for Case Esports, despite all odds. I don’t think Excel is as popular as everyone thought.

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OKBet MEL premiership