OKBet MLBB gaming M3 World Championship: results, schedule, format, prize pool, and viewing locations

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After the conclusion of OKBet MLBB gaming MPL Invitational 2021Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans are in for another action-packed month.

This year’s OKBet MLBB gaming M3 World Championship is the most prestigious and largest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament. The M3 World Championship, MLBB’s third world championship competition, will begin in December. The tournament is divided into two stages: group play and playoffs. 16 teams were divided into four groups. These teams will compete in a single round robin best-of-one format.

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OKbet MLBB gaming Moonton has officially announced the details and schedule for the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s M3 World Championship, the third iteration of the tournament.

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The tournament is split into two stages: the group stage and the playoffs.

16 teams have been divided into 4 groups, determined by the group draw held on November 6. These teams will compete in a single round robin best-of-one format OKBet MLBB gaming.

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The top two teams in each group advance to the upper bracket, while the bottom two advance to the lower bracket.

All games in the upper bracket are best-of-five, while games in the lower bracket are best-of-three until round three.

Starting in round three, the games in the lower bracket will be played in a best-of-five format.

The championship will be a best-of-seven series in OKBet MLBB gaming.

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Group stage standings for the OKBet MLBB gaming M3 World Championship

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Schedule and results for the OKBet MLBB gaming M3 World Championship

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The group stage will take place between December 6 and December 9.

The playoffs of OKBet MLBB gaming will run from December 11 to December 18, with the grand final taking place on December 19.

Here is the complete schedule for the group stage.

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OKBet MLBB gaming: Teams competing in the M3 World Championship

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Prize money for the OKBet MLBB Gaming M3 World Championship

The prize pool for the M3 World Championship is set at $800,000, which is three times the size of previous world championships.

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The previous M2 World Championship had a prize pool of $300,000 USD. The M1 World Championship had a $250,000 prize pool the year before.

The prize pool for M3 is as follows.
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The grand finals of the M3 World Championships will be all-PH.

On Day 1 of the OKBet MLBB M3 World Championship playoffs, BloodThirstyKings shocked the entire world by breaking the code and sending Blacklist International to the lower bracket. Since then, BTK has also assaulted EVOS SG, but has had no effect on Onic PH. If Blacklist wants to hold an all-Philippines grand final, they must refine the code. BTK came into the first game as strong as they did in their first meeting, winning every lane and claiming some much-needed early pickoffs. However, the MPL PH champions’ experience and UBE strategy began to show as they completely slowed the game and began to mount their comeback. While the NA team was definitely causing some major issues for Blacklist, it wasn’t enough to win game one, but it was a best-of-five, so anything could happen.

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Game two was a completely different story, as Blacklist appeared to have figured out how BTK worked and used that to seize control. Although Blacklist were able to capitalize on some PH errors, it was not enough to really take control of the game, as OHEB and Wise peppered them with bullets from Beatrix and Kimmy.

OKBET MLBB gaming M3 Champion, Blacklist International from Philippines

OKBet MLBB gaming M3 was rapidly approaching its apex, with only four teams remaining, but by the end of today, there would be only two, with Onic PH already occupying one of those positions. The remaining teams were Blacklist International, EVOS SG, and BloodThirstyKings, who would compete for a spot in the grand finals and the M3 World Championship title. The champions of MPL PH will face the champions of MPL SG first.

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The first game of the series was over in the blink of an eye, as EVOS chose an unusual draft, and Blacklist were more than happy to annihilate it. By the eighth minute, the PH team had already secured a rout of their opponents, before going on to win the game.

How many M4 World Championship slots will each region receive?

With the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) playoffs on the horizon for most regions, more details about the upcoming M4 World Championship in Indonesia early next year have been revealed.

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Moonton announced the number of tournament slots for each region on Facebook, with slight changes from the previous year.

Major MPL regions such as the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia will each have two representatives, whereas new MPL regions such as Brazil and Cambodia will only have one.

The number of teams in each region for the tournament is listed below.

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For the first time in M-Series history, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) will not be represented. Singapore will also have only one representative this year, as opposed to two in the previous M-series.

Myanmar and the Mekong, which were absent from last year’s OKBet MLBB gaming M3 World Championship, will compete this year. They will each have one representative, as determined by a qualifier.

The winner will receive the majority of the $800,000 prize pool. Blacklist International of the Philippines won the M3 World Championship after defeating regional rival ONIC PH in the grand final.

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