OKBET TI11 Team Aster, Faith bian’s last competitive matches were in the lower bracket semifinals, while Matumbaman and Puppey are the only two-time contenders at The International 2022. The last day of The International 2022 saw four elimination series with massive stakes on the line at the Suntec Arena. The victors would earn a spot in the top four in the most significant competition of the year, as well as the opportunity to compete in front of a bigger audience during the Finals Weekend at the Singapore Indoor Stadium next week.

Both PSG.LGD and Team Liquid were seeking to acquire that for their respective offlane and carry players, since both Zhang “Faith bian” Ruida and Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen declared their retirement intentions before TI11. Faith bian and PSG.LGD’s TI11 journey came to an end in the lower bracket quarterfinals at the hands of OKBET TI11 Team Aster.

PSG.LGD vs. Team Aster

PSG’s seemingly perfect carry Riki game was turned around by Aster. In the last five minutes of the first game, LGD and grabbed the win. They took that victory and rode it to a 2-0 victory against the team that many considered to be the favourites to win the Aegis of Champions this year at OKBET TI11 Team Aster.

OKBET TI11 Team Aster

Aster’s victory propels them into the top four at TI11, after a year of struggling to remain at the top of their area, and it sends PSG. LGD returns home with its poorest TI placing since 2016. PSG has won The International four times in a row. LGD came in fourth in 2017, second in 2018, third in 2019, and second again in 2021 at OKBET TI11 Team Aster. Unfortunately, they exit the race in the top six today and will consider bringing in a rebuilt lineup for the next season.

The second lower bracket quarterfinals, which took place at Suntec Arena, were by far the most intense series staged at OKBET TI11 Team Aster. Team Liquid and Thunder Awaken worked hard to remain in the battle.

Team Liquid vs. Thunder Awaken

Two of the three games that were played resulted in frantic base races, nerve-racking circumstances, and split-second choices at OKBET TI11 Team Aster. Team Liquid lost the first game despite acquiring mega creeps, in what will most likely be remembered as a must-see game in Dota 2 history. It all came down to TA team wiping Liquid in a Throne defense and reaching the opposing base with only one creep to escape the back door protection and capture the game before all Liquid heroes respawned.

OKBET TI11 Team Aster

Despite the crushing defeat in the last minutes of game one at OKBET TI11 Team Aster, Liquid was able to return completely focused for the following match and force the TA into a game three with a well executed Broodmother plan.

Thunder Awaken continued to test Liquid’s resolve in game three, this time with a carry Pudge and a core Enigma. For the most part, Liquid was in control of the game, but they lost the ball around the 30-minute mark in a Roshan battle, and from then on they had to do the additional effort to read TA’s intentions, motions, and locate the correct initiation on the Enigma to have a chance of remaining in the game.

A series of unfortunate events, including bash procs, a 1 HP escape from Michael “miCKe” Vu on Pnagolier, and a miraculous hold on the high ground from Liquid, led to Thunder Awaken’s heartbreaking exit from the tournament, making them the first South American team to reach the Top 6 on The International stage.

OKBET TI11 Team Aster

The International 2022 takes a vacation until October 29th at OKBET TI11 Team Aster, when the top four teams, Tundra Esports, Team Secret, Team Aster, and Team Liquid, will compete for the Aegis of Champions on the Singapore Indoor Stadium stage.

Schedule for the TI11 Finals Weekend

  • The 29th of October
  • Team Secret vs. Tundra Esports at 12:00 SGT/06:00 CEST
  • Team Aster vs. Team Liquid at 15:00 SGT/10:00 CEST
  • 30th of October
  • TBD against TBD – 12:00 SGT/06:00 CEST (LB finals)
  • Grand Finals begin at 15:30 SGT/10:30 CEST

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OKBET TI11 Team Aster