OKBet VALORANT Champions 2021: Predictions and analysis for Groups C and D

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The OKBet VALORANT Champions 2021 bracket’s postseason matchups are gradually coming into focus. Following the conclusion of today’s final two decisive matches, all of the teams that will advance to the next round will be known for certain. The agenda and our forecast for the next two days, during which we anticipate significant difficulties, are detailed below.

OKBet VALORANT Champions

OKBet VALORANT Champions: FPX vs KRU Esports

The winner of the match between FPX and KRÜ Esports will determine which team from Group C will finish in last place and be eliminated from contention for the OKBet VALORANT Champions 2021 tournament. Additionally, the teams competed against one another in the first match of the group, with FPX emerging victorious. It became abundantly clear that the teams’ power levels were comparable after the series came to a conclusion with scores that were relatively close (14-12 and 13-10).

OKBet VALORANT Champions

Following their victory, FPX faced off against XSET, who represented North America, in order to see who would move on directly from the group stage into the postseason. However, contrary to expectations, they were defeated in the series by a score of 2-1 and were forced to compete in the deciding match. KRÜ have been doing very well in this tournament, but in such a crucial match, it’s possible that they won’t be enough for FPX.

OKBet VALORANT Champions: Fnatic takes on 100 Thieves.

OKBet VALORANT Champions

At OKBet VALORANT Champions 2021, the competition between North America and Europe will, as it has in the past, be the focal point of the event. Fnatic, prior to the competition, was widely regarded as one of the most formidable teams, but everyone was taken aback by their scoring here.

OKBet VALORANT Champions

First, they were defeated by 100 Thieves in the opening match of Group D, and then, despite a great deal of difficulty, they were able to triumph over FURIA in the very waning seconds of the match. In the past, I would have said that Fnatic are one step ahead in this series; however, their recent play has given me reason to doubt that they will win. Fnatic is in danger of being eliminated by 100 Thieves if they are unable to quickly recover and play to the level they were previously capable of.

OKBet VALORANT Champions 2021 : Battle between Fnatic and 100 Thieves

After the draw, many people began to refer to Group D as the “group of death.” With the exception of one team, the other three teams have sufficient strength to defeat one another. OKBet VALORANT Champion betting the long-standing rivalry between North America and Europe will be renewed in the first match of the tournament.

OKBet VALORANT Champions

A significant number of people rank 100 Thieves higher than Fnatic in their opinion. In spite of this, Fnatic’s tournament preparation strategy has consistently been one step ahead of that of other teams. Fnatic has the potential to surprise their opponent given the fact that both teams are comprised of young and talented players. The odds of success for 100 Thieves are also quite good. A risky match.

OKBet VALORANT Champions 2021 : DRX versus FURIA

Now that they have more experience, the Korean representative has higher goals for their performance in international competitions. Stax, the star player on the squad, expressed the same sentiment in an interview. When the game devolves into chaos, they have never been able to find a way to find success, despite the fact that they are possibly the best team in the world in terms of tactical play. OKBet VALORANT Champion betting they will need to improve on both an individual and a collective level if they wish to take first place in this event.

OKBet VALORANT Champions

It is generally agreed that FURIA is the weakest team in this group. The Brazilian teams have always possessed high aimpower, and their opponents should be afraid of them. However, because to the significant development of the game, aimpower alone is no longer sufficient to win major tournaments such as this one. Despite the fact that they will undoubtedly give DRX a run for his money, DRX will come out on top in this encounter.

OKBet VALORANT Champions 2021 : LOUD Gaming vs. OpTic Gaming

The OKBet VALORANT Champions 2022 tournament will include a rematch of one of the games that has been seen most frequently on the international scene in 2018. The two teams that came out on top in Stage 1 Masters will fight against one another in the Winners’ match to see which one of them will be the first to move on to the knockout rounds from their respective groups.

OKBet VALORANT Champions

OpTic had an unusually difficult time competing against BOOM Esports in the first match of the group. In spite of the fact that they dropped the opening map of the series, they were able to hold their cool and prevail in the series by a score of 2-1. On the other hand, LOUD’s match versus ZETA was not particularly challenging to play. The contest, which was fought at a frenetic pace, culminated with LOUD establishing themselves as the superior team.

OpTic currently hold the advantage in this best-of-three series, despite the fact that they struggled mightily in the first encounter.

OKBet VALORANT Champions 2021 : XSET against XERXIA Esports

After seeing how their other competitors fared in the competition, it is now time for the teams that are competing in Group C to enter the stage. The group stage kicks off with a match between the runner-up team from the Asia-Pacific region, XERXIA, and the North American team, XSET.

OKBet VALORANT Champions

OKBet VALORANT Champions betting XSET’s performance in the most recent international event was less than satisfactory. Despite having the reputation of being the greatest team in their region coming into the competition, they were unable to secure any victories and were eliminated from the competition in an early round. On the other hand, they won’t be playing the same way in this competition. I have every reason to believe that they will be able to significantly improve their performance now that they have accrued more knowledge and have had more time to be ready for it. They are going to win the first match they play against their opponents.

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