OKBet VALORANT gambling esports Champions 2022 Opening Days – Popular, Predictions and Analysis

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The biggest tournament of the year, OKBet VALORANT gambling esports Champions 2022, is just days away. Sixteen of the best teams from around the world will play some spectacular matches. With no bad team in the field, everyone is capable of knocking each other out and the winners are hard to predict. Here are the opening matches and predictions.

OKBet Valorant Gaming: Paper Rex vs. Edward

For the very first OKBet VALORANT gambling esports Champions 2022 tournament, we have a fantastic matchup planned. Paper Rex, who finished in second place at the most recent international competition, will face off against China’s Edward Gaming, who will be making their debut appearance at a competition of this magnitude for the very first time. Paper Rex has been steadily getting better with each new season.

OKBet VALORANT gambling esports

Paper Rex have earned the sympathies of all the viewers thanks to their young and sympathetic team, as well as the fact that they have trusted this roster and allowed them to develop without making changes for a significant amount of time. They have managed to become one of the strongest teams on the stage by playing games that are both pleasant and highly smart. This is in addition to the social prestige that they already possess.

After advancing through the East Asia Last Chance Qualifier, Edward Gaming will, on the other hand, be making their initial appearance on the world stage. They favor a fast-paced style of play, just like their competitors do. On the other hand, it’s unlikely that Paper Rex will make a mistake in the match that they start with.

OKBet Valorant Gaming: Leviatán against Team Liquid

Leviatán, the player responsible for bringing an end to the long-term dominance of KRÜ OKBet Valorant gambling Esports in LATAM, will be competing in the year-end tournament as the top seed in the area. They were competitive throughout all of their series in the playoffs for the Masters in Copenhagen, but in the end, they were eliminated by Fnatic and finished in fifth place overall in the competition.

OKBet VALORANT gambling esports

Team Liquid is going to compete in their first international event with their new player lineup. The squad, which triumphed at the EMEA LCQ both this year and the year before, finds itself in a challenging group. In spite of the fact that the vast majority of the community agrees that EMEA is the greatest region, there are a great many more aspects of this clash in which Leviatán have the upper hand against Liquid.

OKBet Valorant Gaming: ZETA DIVISION versus LOUD

LOUD, one of the most impressive teams of 2022 Valorant gaming esports, first appeared on the scene as a “super squad” representing Brazil. They were well-known throughout the world as a result of the players they signed to their roster and their unrivaled success over other clubs in their region.

OKBet VALORANT gambling esports

They were able to live up to all of the anticipation and finish in second place at the first major event of the year, which took place in Reykjavik. However, LOUD did not fare so well when it came to the second major competition they participated in. Everyone was taken aback when the organization, which was supposed to accomplish a lot of amazing things, was knocked out of the competition in the group stage despite not having a single victory. They were fortunate in that, as a result of the Circuit Points that they accumulated, they were guaranteed a berth at VALORANT Champions 2022. Now, they will work to make up for the disappointment that they felt by participating in more competitions.

LOUD will face ZETA DIVISION, the team who finished in third place at Masters Reykjavik, but they are certain that they have the ability to defeat ZETA DIVISION.

The battle between OKBet Valorant Gambling Esports OpTic Gaming and BOOM Esports

OpTic Gaming’s sole objective is to finish the current campaign on a strong way. The squad that will represent North America at OKBet VALORANT gambling esports Champions 2022 will make their debut against BOOM Esports, the third team from Asia Pacific. This team has been successful in getting what they desire both locally and globally.

OKBet VALORANT gambling esports

BOOM Esports will be competing in a tournament of this magnitude for the very first time, so it will take some time for them to become accustomed to the atmosphere and the offline configuration. On the other hand, there is very little room for error for those who participate in such organizations. In comparison to their rival, OpTic possesses a far more seasoned team as well as a significantly more talented player pool. They will breeze through the first match with no problems at all.

OKBet Valorant LOUD Competes Against OpTic Gaming

The two teams’ long-standing rivalry only deepens with each successive appearance at an international competition. In every competition they have taken part in together, they have been forced to go up against one another. Now they will compete against one another to see which team can advance the farthest in the most significant tournament of the year.

A truth is currently staring us in the face. LOUD will be there to exact their revenge on OpTic after the humiliation they suffered at Masters Reykjavik. On the other hand, the North American representative hopes to leave their mark in 2022 by claiming victory in the competition that is considered to be the most significant of the year.

OKBet VALORANT gambling esports

Group B was the first stop in the VALORANT Champions 2022 tour for each of the teams. Following early victories, OpTic prevailed over LOUD in the Winners’ match to take first place in the group, so qualifying for the playoffs and relegating their rival to second place. Because they were playing in a group, the North American giant enjoyed a significant advantage over their rival.

The postseason went swimmingly for both of the teams. In order to proceed to the Upper Final, LOUD defeated DRX and Leviatán with scores of 2-0, while OpTic prevailed over Team Liquid and XSET with scores of 2-1. It was clear from the matches played that LOUD has increased their level of confidence following each victory, and along with that, their level of performance has also improved.

With a rating of 1.13 on average so far, the smoker for the team, pANcada, has been the most valuable player for his squad. This championship is currently held by crashies with a score of 1.12 on the OpTic side. The fact that the North American representative has a pattern of dropping at least one map in each and every series puts them in a precarious position every time. Despite this, the Brazilian team has not been successful in capitalizing on this vulnerability of their competitor so far.

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