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Top 5 Valorant Play, the biggest moments from VALORANT’s biggest stage yet.


Top 5 VALORANT PLay Champions 2022 was a game to remember. The 2022 VCT season’s conclusion determined the second-ever world champions: Brazil’s LOUD. It was not only the first time a team from outside North America or Europe won an international trophy, but it was also the most-watched VALORANT OKBet Esports ever, capped off by the most-watched grand final ever.

Top 5 Valorant Play Champions 2022 was defined by its moments: China’s debut, DRX’s long-awaited international breakthrough, the FPX vs. XSET replay controversy, and LOUD’s near-perfect playoff run. Within those moments and stories, however, are the iconic plays that serve as stoppers for the stories told at Champions 2022 OKBet Esports

Have you ever missed a day or a big game? If you missed them, here are the top five plays from Top 5 VALORANT Play Champions 2022.

Top five VALORANT Play Champions 2022 plays OKBet Esports

1. Top 5 VALORANT Play | Crashies’ incredible Fracture ropes victory over BOOM

OpTic’s final result at Champions was impressive, but the eventual grand finalists got off to a shaky start in their first series against Indonesia’s BOOM Esports. They were defeated in overtime by Breeze, but responded with two straight decisive victories over Bind and Fracture. OpTic had already built an incredible lead on Fracture when an even more incredible moment occurred.

BOOM was pushed back after some early OpTic utility in order to execute on A, and the team collectively went to cross to the other side of the map via the ropes. Unfortunately for them, OpTic’s crashers had already pushed past Arcade to where the zipline ended, and picked off all five BOOM players as they crossed like fish in a barrel.

2. Top 5 VALORANT Play | Rb is incredible. A site hold completes Ascent’s second-half comeback against FURIA.

During DRX’s run OKBet Esports , Rb made a number of impressive plays, the most spectacular coming in their first map of the event at a crucial time for the team. DRX trailed FURIA 9-3 after the first eight rounds of Ascent, but rallied after switching to defense. The comeback appeared to be doomed at the final hurdle, but Rb delivered.

With the entire attacking FURIA team surrounding him on A, Rb hopped into the corner by the door with no armor or utility and held the line. He got the first attacker pushing out of the smoke in Tree before turning around and dropping the spike carrier. He moved to the other side of the door, got two more, and even though his ace was stolen, it was enough to send the map into overtime, where DRX would eventually win.

3. Top 5 VALORANT Play | Jinggg’s brilliant Raze final on Pearl OKBet Esports

Paper Rex’s opponent chose Pearl to start the Champions 2022 event against EDward Gaming in a marquee match between two of Asia’s top teams. Despite EDG’s selection, it was PRX who provided the smart plays.

Jingg, who had blast packed his way up onto a box, was waiting in B Link. Jingg activated his ultimate and blast packs even higher into the air to see B long as EDG began their B execute. The Showstopper made contact with the opposing Viper through this elevated gap, robbing the attackers of some much-needed utility for their execution.

4. Top 5 VALORANT Play | In the grand final, Aspas defeats OpTic in an impossible one-vs-three low-health clutch OKBet Esports

LOUD’s world championship run was flawless, with only one series loss to OpTic during the group stage and two victories over their rivals during the playoffs. The grand finals were an outstanding performance by LOUD and Brazil, particularly by their star duelist aspas.

OpTic appeared poised to tie the series on Bind after taking map one but trailing in map two. Aspas found himself in an impossible situation: a one-vs-three match with only 35 health and 12 seconds to go with the spike down. But he used the box on short A to get headshots on FNS and Marved, then used the grenade he earned from those kills to flush out Victor and kill him with less than two seconds remaining Top 5 Valorant Play.

5. Top 5 VALORANT Play | Victor outplays ScreaM, exposing the Phoenix ultimate’s flaws.

This is a moment that will live in infamy for Liquid and OpTic fans for very different reasons. Liquid had taken a one-map lead in this first playoff series, but was unable to close out the match on Bind or Ascent. And their defeat on Ascent was highlighted by a stunning 1v1 victory over Victor.

ScreaM used his ultimate to get a free engagement on Victor while spike was planted for OpTic. The problem was that he couldn’t find Victor, but Victor figured out where his ultimate would recall and knew that ScreaM wouldn’t have time to defuse completely before being recalled. ScreaM had just noticed where Victor was going before time ran out, but it was too late, and Victor plunged his knife into his back before the recalled ScreaM could even pop his collar.

Chamber was the most chosen agent at VALORANT Champions.

Despite multiple nerfs to his overall kit, Chamber had the highest selection rate at VALORANT Champions Istanbul.


Before Champions, Riot Games reduced Chamber’s effectiveness with another nerf, this time to his Rendezvous, Headhunter, and Trademark. This had an effect on his selection rate during regional events such as the North American Last Chance Qualifier, where he was picked by fewer teams. Prior to the patch, Chamber had a pick rate of 79.61 percent across all events, maps, and regions. After patch 5.03 was released on August 8, the global pick rate dropped to 74.93 percent and has remained consistent at 74 percent since then.

Despite Chamber’s nerfs, Champions teams continued to favor him for almost all maps and used him as the primary Operator agent. According to Run It Back, Chamber had a 67.35 percent pick rate throughout the Champions group stage, ahead of Fade, who came in second with a 54.08 percent pick rate. Following the elimination of multiple teams prior to the playoff stage, Chamber’s pick rate was reduced slightly and more agents were introduced to team comps. Chamber had an overall pick rate of 66.86 percent between the group stage and the playoffs.


Other sentinels like Killjoy, Sage, and Cypher had a less than 21 percent selection rate at Champions, making Chamber the most preferred sentinel and agent for all team compositions. He also had a 100 percent selection rate on Fracture throughout the entire event, meaning at least one or both of the teams playing selected him. If Riot Games wants to cut down on Chamber’s favorability in VALORANT, they will have to go back to the drawing board for further nerfs to his abilities.

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