Valorant and League of Legends in the Popular game on Nationals? Riot Games executive respond, why not 2022?

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In The Nationals, VALORANT and League of Legends? Riot Games executive responds, “Why not?”

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According to Riot Philippines’ national manager Joel Guzman, with Riot Games’ enormous growth this year, the potential of introducing VALORANT and League of Legends to The Nationals, the Philippines’ first eSports franchise league, may become a reality.

Guzman first mentioned the concept during a roundtable discussion at the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) 2022, when thousands of fans gathered to the SMX Convention Center to see various electronic sports and gaming firms on display.

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“We realize and respect PeSO (Philippine Esports Organization) as one of the Philippines’ major esports organizations. What I can say is that we are open to cooperating with them on ‘The Nationals’ or any other events that we can because I believe that as a publisher, we must be open to working with organizations like PeSO and maybe other organizations “He said.

Since its inception in 2019, The Nationals has been one of the largest esports events in the Philippines, showcasing professional esports athletes in games such as Tekken 7, Call of Duty Mobile, and DOTA 2.