Valorant Game Changers Championships | Fearless characters are transformed into action-packed animation 2022

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Valorant Game Changers

OKBET Valorant Game Changers

Riot’s VALORANT Game Changers are a force to be reckoned with in the high-octane world of professional esports. They are female and gender-marginalized Valorant Game Changers players that defy convention with their fearless attitude and highly skilled play. Scholar set out to build an aesthetically spectacular advertising for the Game Changers Championship in collaboration with Riot Games. One that matches the energy and bravery of the professionals and kicks off the live event in Berlin.

“We worked with Riot Games on every aspect of this film, from the beginning scripts to working with the music track, all to craft an action-packed story stylised with radiant energy – psychedelic and surreal – bringing anime-inspired action into a dreamscape of Valorant Game Changers imagery and lore,” says Scholar creative director Macauley Johnson. Scholar meticulously built each character by bringing their real-life counterpart’s in-game demeanor to the forefront, highlighting five Game Changers professionals from across the world.

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The character’s unique skills were inspired from each pro’s favored agent, with team colors playing a vital role in each custom outfit: meL’s sky blue, a clear reference to pro team Cloud9, or Ayumiii’s crimson, a homage to ALTER EGO Celesté, and so on. Scholar also concentrated on the personalised style of movement, facial expressions, favorite strategies, and distinctive techniques to emphasize the players’ fluidity, originality, and skill.

OKBET Valorant Game Changers

The advertising video was all about capturing the players’ internal kineticism and depicting the talent shown in the split-second it takes to press the trigger or die. The film’s meticulously picked elements personify the choices that make each player a champion, catapulting the campaign into the stratosphere as an exhibition of uncompromising brilliance. The campaign is strewn with Valorant Game Changers easter eggs that players and fans of all skill levels can get behind, from the in-game abilities the characters tap into to the subtle details of the structures around them, drawing design references from the graphic cover art of Chainsaw Man and Dorohedoro to the dynamic sakuga of Akira.

OKBET Valorant Game Changers

The short blends together hyper-stylised imagery, rapid action, fast editorial pace, and bold originality, and was made using a mixture of 2D and 3D animation methods. The color story is also important in the plot. Scholar discovered subtle methods to incorporate the famous Valorant Game Changers gold throughout the universe, sending the heroes into hyper-pop palettes at their biggest moments of accomplishment, breaking them out of the ordinary and into the spectacular. “In a society that attempts to prevent them from reaching to the top,” Scholar creative director Ana Chang says, “these professionals overcome all difficulties and demonstrate their tremendously exceptional skills.” Valorant Game Changers are those who reject convention, change the game, and reshape the world in order to achieve success.”