VALORANT Gaming Champions 2022: Predictions for each group and clubs to keep an eye on Popular OKBet Gaming Betting.

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The VALORANT writing staff takes a look ahead to Champions and makes some predictions on how the groups will turn out.


The culmination of months of competition on a local, national, and worldwide level, ranging from open qualifiers to Masters playoff brackets, has brought players to the VALORANT Gaming Champions 2022 tournament as the pinnacle event of the 2022 VCT season.
The world championship that will take place this year is anticipated to have one of the highest viewership numbers for VALORANT to date. Additionally, it will be the first Champions event to take place in front of a live crowd throughout the entirety of the playoffs at the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition, this year’s playoffs will feature double elimination, rather than the single elimination that was used in previous years. This will guarantee twice as much exciting high-stakes action.
However, before the postseason playoffs begin, the 16 participating teams will be divided into groups of four and will compete against one another in their own tiny double-elimination brackets. The top two teams from each group will then advance to the postseason playoffs. Our own team of VAL PALS got together to discuss our forecasts and expectations for the VALORANT Champions 2022 OKBet Gaming Betting group stage before those teams met each other.

VALORANT Gaming | Paper Rex, EDward Gaming, Leviatan, and Team Liquid make up the teams in Group A with OKBet Gaming Betting.

At the VALORANT Gaming Champions, there is not a single group that can be considered uninteresting; nonetheless, Group A has the potential to be the most exciting and could develop in a variety of ways. Starting from the very top, Paper Rex undoubtedly command the most attention after finishing in fourth place at one of this year’s Masters competitions and in second place at the other. Benkai and his teammates are masters at enthralling and feeding off the energy of any audience, and the APAC powerhouse is loaded with talented playmakers. The two-headed monster that is ScreaM and Jamppi were performing at maximum capacity during the EMEA LCQ, and the team looks to be playing their best VALORANT yet. A lethal-looking Liquid lineup is surely a force to be reckoned with.


But the debates leading up to Champions seem to be centered on the greatest question mark: EDward Gaming’s debut performance for China at an international VCT competition. Their sample size is quite small but their results are compelling, including reaching the finals of all three of China’s most important events and going undefeated in the East Asia League Championship Qualifier. After displaying tremendous resiliency to pull off a close win against XSET in Copenhagen and flirting with the possibility of upsetting both DRX and Fnatic, Leviatan should not be discounted as a potential winner either. Group A is going to be an extremely fascinating and competitive group thanks to all of the capable teams that are included in it OKBet Gaming Betting.

VALORANT Gaming | OpTic, BOOM, ZETA, and LOUD make up Group B.

The competition in VALORANT Gaming Group B is fierce, but the biggest conflict that we are keeping an eye on is the one between OpTic and LOUD. The fact that these two teams were the only ones left standing at the end of Masters One in April sparked the beginning of their rivalry. OpTic have continued to be the more dominant team, but after dropping out of the running for Masters Two earlier than was anticipated, both OpTic and LOUD are coming into Champions with something to prove. This should have been treated like a heavyweight battle from the very beginning OKBet Gaming Betting.


The VALORANT Gaming ZETA Division must not be overlooked; whenever it comes to this group, there is always the possibility of an unexpected outcome. The Japanese team may come out on top in a competition to see who has the most devoted followers, but in order to advance out of this challenging group, they will need to play to the very best of their abilities. The BOOM Esports team is the underdog of the bunch. The Indonesian team is accustomed to finishing in second or third place in the APAC area, and they had to battle their way through the APAC LCQ in order to even have a chance of competing in Istanbul. BOOM have a ton of experience to acquire here at their first international LAN on the most important stage in esports, despite the fact that they are standing in the shadow of Paper Rex and XERXIA.

VALORANT Gaming | FPX, KRU, XSET, and XERXIA make up Group C.

The letter “C” represents VALORANT Gaming “champions.” FPX are here after their victory in Copenhagen, a performance in which the team cast off their demons against Fnatic and finished a full lower-bracket run all the way to the crown. FPX’s march to the top of the lower bracket was completed at this tournament. The manner in which FPX maneuvered through their first LAN as a team—initially with a substitute player, no less—should leave little room for speculation over which team is the favorite to move out of Group C.


That does not mean, however, that the group is determined in any way, shape, or form; the other three teams in Group C are all more than capable of playing the role of a spoiler. In practice, however, XSET, KRU, and XERXIA all have a tendency to complicate the appearance of matches that, on paper, appear to be basic. XSET seems to be a little shaken up by the team’s experience at the LAN event in Copenhagen, and they are going to be looking forward to their revenge arc. XERXIA did not advance past the group round of either of this year’s Masters tournaments, but almost all of their matches were quite tight, and in Copenhagen, they came very close to defeating FPX. After their astonishing run to third and fourth place at VALORANT Gaming Champions 2021, KRU are possibly the best example of what can happen at international competitions when one does not expect to advance very far.

The fact that there is a team that is considered to be the favorite in this group does not mean that there won’t be any major surprises in Group C. Everyone should proceed with caution in this area.

OKBet Betting Game | DRX, FURIA, Fnatic, and 100T are in Group D.

This year’s VALORANT Gaming Champions has no shortage of talented teams. Each team has battled their way through a series of qualifiers to get to this point, but there’s no telling how these teams will fare on the big stage. Fnatic and FURIA will be making their second appearance at Champions, while 100 Thieves and DRX will be representing their respective regions for the first time. These teams have had mixed results all year, making them the dark horses of Champions. Any of these teams could end up with the top seed in their group or finish last OKBet Betting Game.


100 Thieves is the team that deserves a closer look. 100 Thieves last competed on an international stage in Masters Berlin in 2021, with a completely different roster and coaching staff. Over the course of 2022, 100 Thieves assembled the pieces of a complex puzzle to form a championship-level team. Despite their poor performances, 100 Thieves appear to have found their stride at the right time. They swept both FaZe Clan and The Guard in the lower bracket of the North American Last Chance Qualifier, punching their tickets to Istanbul. If 100 Thieves can keep playing as a unit, they have a good chance of advancing from Group D.

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